Treatment Solutions


Advanced Water Quality Systems is a full service water treatment provider offering in-home water analysis, system installation and service support.  We offer a wide range of filters in our easy to find Charlton, MA store for both walk-in and phone orders which typically ship the same day.

As a water service provider in Central Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut, we treat a wide range of water issues.  Hardness, iron, manganese, low pH, arsenic, radon, rotten egg/sulfur odor and nitrates are among the most common concerns we see.  We’ve also resolved Uranium, MTBE’s, tannins, Fluoride and nitrites.

One of the most common problems we see is iron staining in toilets, sinks and tubs.  Understand that iron comes in multiple chemical forms.  The most common two are ferrous and ferric iron.  Ferric iron (Fe+3) is iron that is in precipitated form and can be trapped by a filter.  Ferric iron is basically rust.   Ferrous iron (Fe+2) is iron that is in solution in the water and is best removed through the ion exchange process of a water softener.  Ferric iron is best trapped in a sediment filter that should be installed before the softener.  Typically these are small filters that the homeowner changes every 2 to 4 months.  If the sediment is more severe, then an automatic backwashing filter is employed.  This is one of our Specialty Filters.

Another common problem is rotten egg, sulfur based odor.  This odor is not a health issue.  It may be unpleasant but will not cause health problems.  The cause of this odor is an anaerobic (doesn’t need oxygen) bacteria and it does not affect humans.  Instead of oxygen to survive, it feeds on sulfur that naturally occurs in water breaking down to elemental sulfur which combines to form hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), which is the rotten egg smell.  This odor is often very obvious first thing in the morning after the bacteria has had all night to feed on the sulfur in the pipes.  The H2S gas will rise to the highest point so it can be particularly noticeable in upstairs baths in the morning.  There are several different options to solving this problem depending on severity.  See Specialty Filters.