SprinklerComparison shopping for a water treatment system is extremely difficult because there are many types, sizes and qualities available with widely varying warranties and prices. An Advanced Water Quality system is more than a product. It is, as the name implies, a “System” which includes the company behind the product and the people behind the company. Every one of AWQS employees is a trained water treatment professional dedicated to your satisfaction as a customer. When you compare Advanced Water Quality Systems to other water treatment companies, please consider the following:

Experience: Over 17 years in water treatment with over 4000 residential and commercial customers – making us the largest independent water treatment product and service company in Central Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.

Service: Factory trained service technicians assure you of prompt and professional service

Product: A complete line of water treatment products and services. AWQS offers treatment solutions for even the most extreme environmental challenges such as Arsenic, Uranium, MTBE and Mercury

Price: Given the very real difference between what is paid for a product and what it ultimately ‘costs’, we guarantee that we can provide you with a system that offers greater value than any other system advertised or offered to you in writing.

Warranties: Our product and performance warranties offer solid, meaningful protection – not just empty promises. A warranty with no one to back it up is worthless. We guarantee to solve your water treatment dilemma.

Peace of Mind: Kinetico’s state of the art, non-electric technology will provide many years of efficient, virtually maintenance-free operation. We stand behind it.